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June 8 (Saturday) 2 - 4 pm   BOOKSIGNING:  “Pacific Sail” by Alan E. Strunk

Adventure and romance rule as brave men and bold women face the challenges of sea and shore, life and love."Told with insight into maritime detail and human nature..." Linda Collison, author, Water Ghosts an Amazon bestseller.          


June 9 (Sunday) 7 p.m.  SECOND SUNDAY POETS; Bonnie Young & Ivan Brownotter, SLO County’s Poet Laureate, will be our featured poets.   Open mike follows!              

June 16 (Sunday) HAPPY FATHER’S DAY!

June 16 (Sunday) 11:30 – 5:00 p.m. , $25   A LIFE-CHANGING WORKSHOP with Robert Burney

Codependence:  The Dance of Wounded Souls has been called “one of the truly transformational works of our time” – and it’s author Robert Burney has been referred to as “a metaphysical Stephen Hawking.”   For more information:  www.joy2meu2.com/coalesce-workshop or call 805-203-5875.


June 23 (Sunday) 1 – 3 pm   BOOKSIGNING:  “In the Spring of the Year”  by Jim Roark

A 1960s coming-of-age novel of young Americans confronting the challenges of political turbulence magnified by a war of questionable necessity. See starkly conflicting acceptance or rejection of our government’s decision to commit more than 500,000 American forces that ultimately resulted in more than 58,000 deaths in the war years. Meet these young Americans and know them as well as their joy and their grief.  And remember them...whether you want to or not.


June 26 (Wednesday) 7 p.m. Central Coast Buddhist Meditation Group.  Call for more information before attending, 441-5478   


June 29 (Saturday) 2 - 4 pm   BOOKSIGNING:  “This is Me at Dialysis Drawing Me at Dialysis Drawing Me at Dialysis” by Phillip Carey

A Coagulation of Illustrated Envelopes From Five Years in the Dialysis Chair. “Phillip Carey’s envelopes will envelop you in delight.  He turns the unexpected inside out and shows us how much insight, humor, unique perspectives and flights of the creative imagination can be crammed into the limited real estate between stamp, sender and addressee.” ~ David Moss

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On-going JUNE events in our Garden Chapel

Astrology Readings with Harry Farmer (No sessions in June) Call Harry at 805-801-1305 for more information, to make an appointment or just drop in.

Metaphysical Discussion Group in Garden Chapel (Fridays), noon to 1 p.m. –all welcome, donation.  Check out the group’s website for topic information.  www.anandatransformations.com

Wednesday Mornings, 10-noon: Current social & economic issues discussed in a non-judgmental environment.

Yoga on Thursdays,  6-7 p.m. - please call Shoosh Crotzer for info and cost, 805-801-7335

Note: No parking in back lot of Bookstore, please. Walk down driveway off Harbor Street

Foster and polish

The warrior spirit

While serving in the world;

Illuminate the Path

According to your inner light.

-The Art of Peace … Morihei Ueshiba  -