On wintry Oregon nights Janet Brown & Linna Thomas dreamed of opening a bookstore.  

In July of 1973, their dream became a reality when they opened Coalesce Bookstore in Morro Bay California. 

The founding philosophy of the store is inherent in its name. The word "coalesce" means to grow together, to unite.  "That joining has always been the aim of the bookstore." says Linna. "We wanted everyone to feel comfortable at Coalesce, to find something of value."  

The original Coalesce Bookstore opened in 1973, near where The Blue Sail Inn now stands on Harbor Boulevard.



Janet & Linna were intent on founding a bookstore that would also be a community center, a place where all would be welcome, frequent events and happenings would be hosted, and wonderful books, gifts and music would be available.


We thank our customers and supporters, acknowledging that what we do would not be possible were it not for each of you.